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About Under Your Nose- why, what, when

Posted by [email protected] on September 6, 2013 at 3:25 AM

How it started

When I interviewed three ex workers last September, I envisaged Under Your Nose as a short 10 mins film about the Black Lesbian and Gay Centre (BLGC). But as I listened to their stories and looked into the history of the centre during the politics of London during the 80's, I saw that the work carried out - often at huge personal cost - in the run up to the centre's opening, was largely undocumented. As Dorothea says in the trailer - if you google 'black lesbian and gay centre' - Jack shit! I believe people should know about the groundbreaking role black activists played during the struggle for LGBT equality in the late 80's and early 90's. From a radically inclusive definition of 'black' to forging international coalitions, the BLGC's work was crucial to the development of ideas around intersectionality, diversity and inclusiveness championed today.

From Thatcherism, to Section 28 and AIDS, the BLGC newsletters, and pictures from 30 years ago make visible the thriving black lesbian and gay movement in the UK. We even have the t.shirt!

So with my small savings, and equally excited and daunted by the scope of the story, I started. I got help from a camerawoman Doreen and editor Fahmida who both worked for practically expenses to get the trailer completed. Researcher Ony came on board to help - again for expenses. They've done such a fab job. Please take a look at the trailer if you haven't done so yet.

We hit a brick wall! Archive footage costs a LOT of money- and they will HUNT us down if we use it without paying. We've shot about two hours of footage and have another three people who have agreed to be interviewed. This involves some overseas travel, a film crew and refreshments.

The money raised will: -secure footage and images to bring the story to life -pay for the remaining interviews, film crew expenses and refreshments - post production, and transferring to DVD. - producing the educational booklet that accompanies the film

The result of completing Under Your Nose will be to bring to light an exciting story about radical queer protest, political empowerment, and life long friendships, during a time of ra ra skirts and leg warmers. Your contribution will help make their story mainstream and hopefully inspire activists working in the LGBT field.

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